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How I Introduced My Kids to Star Trek

I am a first generation Star Trek fan. TOS (The Original Series) debuted about a year before I was born and concluded when I was almost two years old. I watched the show after school while it was in daily syndication in the mid-1970s, along with my other favorite show at the time, Batman starring Adam West. Back then, kids could easily discover Star Trek in organic ways. The show was in syndication across the country on broadcast television. TAS…

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FIRE Trek: Parallels Between the Financial Independence Movement and Star Trek

In the three weeks since Suze Orman’s comments about FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) thrust the movement into the national media spotlight, I have been reflecting on a more philosophical level about why FI principles resonate so much with me. As a result, a new (and profound) reason has emerged from the back of my mind: The principles of the FIRE movement have uncanny parallels with the core values of Star Trek! The congruity between the communities is so clear…

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