A Brief History


In the late 1990s, I learned the basics of HTML and JavaScript (along with some Perl and PHP) so I could create websites to promote creative projects I was involved with at the time. Later, I took those skills and bootstrapped myself into a career as a web developer. For details about my career in Software Engineering, please see my professional resume.

Below (in chronological order) are the websites I designed and developed for personal reasons (as opposed to professional ones).

Shoestring Radio Theater
Originally Published in 1995 | Redesigned in 2019
An extensive website, which I conceived, designed, developed, and maintained for the San Francisco non-profit corporation Shoestring Radio Theatre. The site provides information about the company’s two nationally-syndicated, weekly radio programs: “Movie Magazine International” (film reviews) and “Shoestring Radio Theatre” (radio dramas).
Nico Pemantle: Singer-Songwriter
Originally Published in 1996 | Redesigned in 2019
A website I conceived, designed and developed for Berkeley-based singer-songwriter Nico Pemantle to help him promote his music online. The site includes Pemantle’s bio, information about his two albums, and several complete songs available for playback.
Crunchy Frog Comedy
Originally Published in 1998 | Redesigned in 2019
“Crunchy Frog Comedy” is a sketch comedy audio show inspired in large part by Monty Python’s Flying Circus.
Originally Published in 1998 | Rebooted in 2018
Originally, Emusements was an umbrella site to encompass a couple of web games I had created: a “Name That Movie” (or TV Show) quiz game as well as “Virtual Prime Time” — which was a fantasy television game based on the Nielsen Ratings. Later I expanded the site to include information about Crunchy Frog Comedy and a personal microsite where I published my resume and creative portfolio. In 2018, I finally got around to updating the site, deprecating the earlier Emusements iteration and completely rebooting the site on WordPress as my personal website.
Seriously Strange Audio Theater
Published in 2019
“Seriously Strange Audio Theater” is an audio theater show featuring quirky comedies, edgy science-fiction, and gripping dramas. (Powered by WordPress)
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