My Websites

A Brief History

WebsiteIn the late 1990s, I learned the basics of HTML and JavaScript (along with some Perl and PHP) so I could create websites to promote creative projects I was involved with at the time. Later, I took those skills and bootstrapped myself into a career as a web developer. For details about my career in Software Engineering, please see my professional resume.

Below (in chronological order) are the websites I designed and developed for personal (as opposed to professional) reasons.

Shoestring Radio Theater | Originally Published in 1995 | Redesigned in 2019
An extensive website, which I conceived, designed, developed, and maintained for the San Francisco non-profit corporation Shoestring Radio Theatre. The site provides information about the company’s two nationally-syndicated, weekly radio programs: “Movie Magazine International” (film reviews) and “Shoestring Radio Theatre” (radio dramas).
Nico Pemantle: Singer-Songwriter | Originally Published in 1996 | Redesigned in 2019
A website I conceived, designed and developed for Berkeley-based singer-songwriter Nico Pemantle to help him promote his music online. The site includes Pemantle’s bio, information about his two albums, and several complete songs available for playback.
Crunchy Frog Comedy | Originally Published in 1998 | Redesigned in 2019
“Crunchy Frog Comedy” is a sketch comedy audio show inspired in large part by Monty Python’s Flying Circus. | Originally Published in 1998 | Rebooted in 2018
Originally, Emusements was an umbrella site to encompass a couple of web games I had created: a “Name That Movie” (or TV Show) quiz game as well as “Virtual Prime Time” — which was a fantasy television game based on the Nielsen Ratings. Later I expanded the site to include information about Crunchy Frog Comedy and a personal microsite where I published my resume and creative portfolio. In 2018, I finally got around to updating the site, deprecating the earlier Emusements iteration and completely rebooting the site on WordPress as my personal website.