While sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, I recruited several voice actors from my audio theater troupe (Seriously Strange Audio Theater) to perform a series of improvised comedy sketches. The result: a series of YouTube videos that I directed, produced and edited.

Sounds Sketchy

You can view all of the episodes via the Sounds Sketchy YouTube Playlist.

Performers in zoom boxes
Watch on YouTube


A Brief History


When I was in college, my brother and I had a long-term loan of a VHS camcorder, which was not a common household item at the time. We collaborated on two “productions” — one of which you can watch on the web.

My Productions

Star Trek V: The Search for Spock’s Body Parts — January 1988

Long before Star Trek fan films became the latest rage, we produced this 20-minute spoof of Star Trek, with a cast comprised of Star Trek and superhero Mego action figures. Shot with a VHS camcorder, the film is essentially a video comic book, with special sets, lighting, and effects.

Video also available on YouTube.

Attention Star Trek Fans

If you are a Star Trek fan, then you may also enjoy the audio parody I produced in the 1990s for Shoestring Radio Theatre:

Captain’s Log Accidental

Manic Metamorphosis — Summer 1987

Inspired very loosely by ’80s pop culture icon Max Headroom, this eight-minute VHS video short features a mutating mannequin in a series of music video vignettes. The video involved various sets, props, and special effects including stop-motion animation and claymation.

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