My Video Productions

A Brief History

VideocamWhen I was in college, my brother and I had a long-term loan of a VHS camcorder, which was not a common household item at the time. We collaborated on two “productions” — one of which you can watch on the web.

My Productions

Manic Metamorphosis — Summer 1987

Inspired very loosely by ’80s pop culture icon Max Headroom, this eight-minute VHS video short features a mutating mannequin in a series of music video vignettes. The video involved various sets, props, and special effects including stop-motion animation and claymation.

Star Trek V: The Search for Spock’s Body Parts — January 1988

Long before Star Trek fan films became the latest rage, we produced this 20-minute spoof of Star Trek, with a cast comprised of Star Trek and superhero Mego action-figures. Shot with a VHS camcorder, the film is essentially a video comic book, with special sets, lighting, and effects.

Watch Now On Vimeo

The Search for Spock’s Body Parts from Randy Parker on Vimeo.

Watch Now On YouTube

Watch now on YouTube (Lower Quality)

Attention Star Trek Fans

If you are a Star Trek fan, then you may also enjoy the audio parody I produced in the 1990s for Shoestring Radio Theatre: