Most of my scriptwriting experience has been for radio dramas and audio production. However, I have written three screenplays.

The Ultimate Game

While stranded on an exotic moon, a famous human big game hunter fights to save his life and regain his conscience after he meets an alien kindred spirit who takes him on a series of increasingly outrageous hunting expeditions.

Out of Phase

An outgoing talk show host and his more reserved Producer struggle to save their lifelong friendship after an aspiring actress comes between them and jeopardizes their plans to take their San Francisco radio show national.

(Set in San Francisco in the late 1980s, during the height of stand-up comedy scene, the story is partially inspired by the legendary Alex Bennett Morning Show.)

Ahead, Warp Factor 11

Captain Dim Jerk and his crew warp off for a series of misadventures aboard the U.S.S. Boobyrpize.

(A short film intended as a Star Trek fan production.)

I have also begun to provide other writers with feedback on their scripts. Please contact me if you would like to connect (especially if you are in the greater Sacramento region).