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New Gags & Guest Stars: 2 Reasons You’ll Love Sounds Sketchy Season 3

Sounds Sketchy, the improv comedy web series that I direct and produce, returns with its third season today, May the 4th. In commemoration of Star Wars Day, our first episode of the new season (Volume 17) features our most forceful sketch yet — and a very special guest star.

Alan Donegan (the host of the Rebel Entrepreneur podcast and co-founder of The Rebel Business School) will join us for the first two episodes this season (and hopefully more later). Will he set the show on FIRE?

Later in the season, professional speaker Janice Burt (a.k.a. Spanish Janice) will bring her unique energy and spirit to the show as our second guest star.

What else is new? We’ve come up with several new sketch ideas and visual gags that will continue to expand the boundaries of our Zoom format. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve cooked up.

Watch Volume 17 now below. If you like what you see, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, so you can be notified when we drop new episodes (typically on Tuesday mornings).

For more info on Sounds Sketchy, including our origin story, check out the show’s web page.

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