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Welcome to the New Emusements

Original Emusements Logo
The original logo has been around for a long time, but for the past many years, I have let the website languish. Originally, I created Emusements as an umbrella site to encompass a couple of web games I had created in the 1990s: a “Name That Movie/TV Show/Actor/Actress” quiz game as well as “Virtual Prime Time” — which was a fantasy television game (similar to fantasy football) with scoring based on the Nielsen TV Ratings. Later, I expanded the site to include a personal microsite where I published my resume and creative portfolio. After that, I mostly left the site on life support and kept it running on the late 1990s era code-base.

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Recently, I’ve finally had had some time to think about what I wanted to do with the site, including the option of shutting it down. In the end, I decided to re-imagine and rebuild Emusements strictly as my personal website, where I can share my past (and future?) creative projects and blog about my interests. I also used the redesign as an opportunity to learn WordPress, which I leveraged to completely rebuild the site from the ground up; as a result, Emusements should be easier for me to maintain in the future and also far more compatible with mobile devices.

As for this blog, I have some ideas percolating for what I may write about here, but that direction will evolve over time. Some possibilities are movies, television, technology, the FIRE Movement … and cats! Come to think of it, I can’t think of a better, or more clichéd, way to start a new blog on the Internet than by introducing my cats, Toby & Milo.

Milo (effortlessly cool)
Toby (just as likely to find him UNDER the bed)
Milo & Toby
Milo & Toby (sometimes best friends)

More to come in the adventures of Toby & Milo…

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