Cats on FIRE

Cats On FIRE Appear on the ChooseFI Podcast

Cats on FIRE, Milo and Toby, take a break from their busy napping schedules to appear as guests on the ChooseFI Podcast.

*Milo’s blog posts.

Notes from the (Homo sapien) editor:

  • Special thanks to Katrina, Spencer and Kip in my local ChooseFI Sacramento Facebook Group for proofreading this post before publication!
  • If you have any questions or comments about Milo and Toby’s path to feline indifference, please leave a comment. (Note: I moderate all comments so you may experience a delay before your comment appears on the post. For any SPAMMERS out there, don’t waste your time submitting as I will reject your comment.)
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  1. You’ve gotta be Kitten Me! This is Clawsome!

    What a creative and hilarious post. There is a lot of wisdom woven into this interview. Nice one. My parrot is envious and might have to pitch them next. She believes in “freedom of beak” and the “right to chew”.

  2. Truly hilarious!! The care and level of detail that you put into this parody is mind-blowing. Glad you enjoy the show 🙂