I’m excited to share the latest project I’ve directed and produced for the audio theater troupe I co-founded last year (Seriously Strange Audio Theater).

While sheltering in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, I recruited some of the voice-actors in our group to perform a collection of IMPROVISED comedy sketches.

After several planning meetings and a couple of practice runs to work out the mechanics of recording in Zoom, we were ready for the “real thing.” We recorded several sketches on May 30th, enough to create two shows so far.

Today, I published Volume 1 of “Sounds Sketchy” — which contains our first collection of sketches.

The result has exceeded my hopes and expectations for the project, thanks to the gifted and comedically-inspired performers who helped bring it to life. (From left to right in the episode cover: Allen Fahden, Ryan Lee Boyd, Deborah Bromley, Chris Laird, Michelle LeMay, BillyJean Vollman, and Evan Widjaja.)

We’ll release Volume 2 in a few days, and we’ll be recording more material soon. So, look out for additional episodes in the coming weeks.